PISA Home Cooked Italian Meals

PISA Italian Meals ServicePisa Italian Meals and Services is a community based service that provides a home cooked Italian style meals delivered to the aged and people with disabilities and their carers across Adelaide.

Pisa is committed to providing a nutritionally balanced and tasty meal to our service users. We aim to please and provide a meal that tastes like home!

Pisa follows the Australian food safety standards program to ensure our meals are safe for our service users and have trained and skilled staff to attend to your needs and to ensure correct procedures are followed.

Pisa provides an assessment process that helps to identify any areas of need a service users has so that we can refer them to appropriate services.

Pisa meals consist of a soup, main meal and dessert and cost $15.00 for the three courses.

Meals are delivered between the hours of 11am and 1pm Monday to Friday.

Pisa can also offer frozen meal options for weekends, night time meals and public holidays.

Contact us on 08 8431 3477.

Our Sponsors:


PISA thanks the Lions Club of Adelaide Italian Inc. for their generous on going support.

Lions Club

PISA thanks Inertia IT for their valuable ongoing IT support.