Nonna's Story

"When a Nonna or Nonno places a plate of food before you they are giving you more than just fuel for your body, they are giving you nourishment for your soul."

Nonnas and nonnos are the heart of the Italian family and bring their love to our kitchens at PISA.

PISA's traditional Italian sauce is a reflection of this. The production of our sauce, is the combined effort of our Nonnas and Nonnos who spent days trying different recipes before settling on a sauce that everyone felt represented the taste of Italy, while acknowledging different regional tastes.

The result was excellent and our Nonnas and Nonnos were very proud of the results. PISA's Nonnas and Nonnos arrive at our kitchen  very early in the morning as the ovens are still heating up, to sip short blacks while talking, laughing and creating an atmosphere that can only result in wonderfully tasty food.

They bring with them family recipes they have cooked for their own families to share with the community. They guide our cooks to create meals that are rich in history and tradition to ensure our meals are authentic and reflect true Italian home cooking, rich in tradition and full of love. They take great care to ensure everything they cook is created with the same passion they would put into creating meals for their own families.

PISA immensely values the contributions of our Nonnas and Nonnos. It is an honor to have them be a part of the PISA family and a privilege to learn from them. Thank you.