Executive Officer

I started working at Pisa in September 2008 and immediately identified that the service needed to reach more people in the community as it was a very special service. The special element of PISA is its very dedicated and hard working team of staff and volunteers that work together to create wonderfully nutritious meals for our clients and offer social interaction, something that is a big problem in our society.Kelley Russo PISA

I have worked in many fields in my working life including hospital settings, mental health and aged care. There is so much need in our community but two of the main areas is social isolation and the need for food made with love and good, healthy ingredients.

Recently, we have received an increase in our re-current funding from the department of Families and Communities HACC program. This additional funding will enable PISA to expand and reach a wider range of people in need of its meals and services. During the 2010-11 financial years, PISA has achieved a sound operational foundation that has placed it in a strong position to embrace this much needed expansion.

The foundation is made up of good governance; sound management practices; evidence-based practice; healthy partnerships; and the support of local communities and council. The foundation has been built within a framework of continuous quality improvement. It has included the revision and documentation of daily operational procedures in order to standardise and streamline the delivery of our services to our clients. It has also included the revision of the policies that guide our operations to ensure they meet national Home and Community Care (HACC) Community Care Common Standards, in accordance with our HACC service agreement and legislative requirements.

In keeping with our vision to be a point of contact to enhance lifestyle choices of people in the Italian community who are frail, aged or have a disability, we have developed strategic partnerships with other service providers to provide our clients with broader access to services that will enable them to live in their own homes for longer.

These new partnerships will also assist PISA to provide meals that are nutritionally balanced and backed by evidence-based practice. PISA is currently developing its 2011-14 strategic direction that will guide our vision and provide a benchmark by which we can measure our success. The 2011-14 strategic direction will be guided by the views of our clients and stakeholders.

In the three years I have been at PISA I have seen the need for our services to grow in the community. I am excited about the opportunities to expand and share our wonderful and unique services by embracing a wider range of clients. "Amore e' cibo."

Kelley Russo
Executive Officer